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Summer School 2022

La Summer school SAIHUB è la prima iniziativa in Italia ad integrare i temi delle Scienze delle Vita con la tecnologia di Intelligenza Artificiale. Riconosciuta dal Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca, entra a fare ufficialmente…
Achilles Vaccines

AchilleS Vaccines is a dynamic, for-profit organization that aims to attract excellent minds. The company is based in Siena (Italy), a world-renowned vaccine hub.  The founders of AchilleS Vaccines and the core team have decades of experience in the world of vaccines ranging from preclinical research to international vaccine business development, thus allowing optimal exploitation of our cutting-edge technological platforms.

We are committed to designing new and cost-effective products to tackle some of the largest current world health issues, including antibiotic resistance, emerging diseases and pandemics.